In light of Zhongnan University’s three preponderant disciplines of Economics, Management, and Law, the Wenlan School aims at training students who have great potential for excellence and innovation while exploring a new model for educational reform. The college, which is named after the university’s first president Fan Wenlan, enrolled 56 students in 2012, the first year of its establishment. Directly affiliated with the university, the Wenlan School is an independent institute where academic research of the faculty, learning autonomy of the students, and efficiency of the administration are highly encouraged. The college has set up two committees: a teaching guidance committee to guide and supervise student cultivation and an academic management committee to encourage the students to learn self-management skills and increase their participation in school governance. The institute will also explore the reform of higher education, especially in the areas of administration, faculty recruitment, teaching methods, and enrollment. Adhering to the university motto, “Learned, Rational, Virtuous, and Devoted”, the Wenlan School is committed to elite education, focusing on the cultivation of the students’ innovative spirit and practical ability. This is accomplished by combining general and inter-disciplinary education. With its student-centered education, new methods of administration and training, and high-level faculty (mainly professors) from home and abroad, this school offers its students independent learning opportunities, gives exposure to an interdisciplinary curriculum, and promotes their personal development.